The Pink Floyd blouse

Hi dears,

Today I bring you my Pink Floyd blouse, not that it has anything to do with the rock band other than the psychedelic. It was made from the M6649 McCall’s blouse pattern after a few modifications to my first version (muslin).


– Retract the top apex of the waist dart by 2″.

– Take in a ~2″ swayback by pinning out the excess fabric at the center back and tapering towards the side seams.

– Add 1/2″ width to the cap of the sleeve.

I made it in what I think is a rayon that my friend Abu brought for me from Afganistan. I love the fabric  pinkness and the paisley print. This blouse is so light and flowy!

The result:

Adorable!! I feel great in it!  I’ve received so many compliments wearing this blouse.

I love how the shape improved after the adjustments. I confess, I’ve converted to folded sleeve blouses.

From the picture below with the fully extended sleeves, do you think a cuff width reduction is in order?

Have you tried this or any other blouse patterns before? I’ve been so in love with the version that Sunni has created, I think you can expect a similar trend over here!

Are there any blouse patterns that you would recommend?



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  1. myriam says:

    So pretty 🙂
    I’ve only made one blouse so far, and I love it. It’s not very fitted though, so it looks better tucked in :
    I guess I should take a picture of mine at some point…


    1. You are so dear my darling, if we take pictures of your shirt, we could even do a post here! 😉
      I’m thinking of making pattern modifications to this blouse and make it symilar to that one. I love ❤ the neckline on yours!


  2. This is so pretty and the color looks great on you! I agree that the cuffs are pretty wide–I probably would narrow them or even eliminate them if you’re going to roll the sleeves up all the time. Regarding blouses, I’m currently making Butterick 6026 for the second time; I really like the way it looks on me, though I do curse the bajillion pintucks every time. 😛


    1. Hi STH, thanks for your comments! You are right, I think I will make a shorter sleeve version, I also have several ideas for neckline variations and even shirt-dresses!! Wouldn’t that be awesome!?
      Good luck with your Butterick 6026. I love the Katherine Tilton patterns. Let me know how it goes!

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