Strawberry-lemon stripes

Hi my dears,

This is my after-muslin version of the Jasmine blouse from Colette that I posted last weekend. The front side of is top is made out of a little piece of rayon fabric part of a gift from Afghanistan by one of my friends. Both this blouse and my  pink floyd blouse were made from the same parcel and type of fabric. The front of the blouse is lined with a piece of linen I had in my stash, and the back is made out of my ever loyal and lengthy duvet cover cotton fabric also seen in this oriental vibe blouse.


As compared to the last version:

– I modified the sleeves a little to make them fit better to my arms.

Sleeves seem to be such a pain to fit on the flat pattern. Who knows how to draft them?! I’ve tried multiple drafting methods and the best I have been able to come up with so far has been to draft the sleeve pattern one size bigger and gather the excess when setting the sleeve. This sleeve is more comfortable now. I’m yet to try this tutorial on sleeves by the CSC.

– I took in 1/4″wedge at the center seam from the neckline to the bustline to avoid the gaping happening in the previous version.

The result:

The front bodice and sleeves are lined with linen, and while the lining certainly added body to the fabric and resistance to wrinkling, it seems to have decreased the amount of ease I feel wearing this version… The crazy combination of different fabrics and the fact that they were supposed to be cut on the bias likely also contributed to this snugness (although my last version was also cut on the grain).


I love it! I love the pattern on this fabric as well as the combination of colors. and the style of the shirt. This blouse reminds me of strawberry lemon sorbet. It makes me think of sunny days and walks in the parc!!

BTW, I found this recipe! I might give it a try sometime soon!



What do you think? Have you tried combining different fabrics on the same garment? Have you cut patterns drafted for the bias on grain? What is your experience lining garments, have you experienced reduced ease when doing this? do you have any sucess with your sleeve fitting process?

❤ M


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  1. This is great: I love the fabrics!


  2. lindamartha says:

    I’ve never thought to combine fabrics like you did but its such a great idea! I love the way your blouse has come out. As to sleeves-I can’t vouch that this method is an acceptable one, but what I have done when I enlarged a bodice is to slash the paper pattern of the sleeve down the middle, spread it the same amount I enlarged the bodice and then inserted paper and taped it. Its worked wonderfully so far but I’d practice on a muslin if I were you;) I only do this when I scale up to a size that the pattern doesn’t provide though but perhaps there is something helpful to the method.


    1. Hi Linda,
      Thanks for your recommendation. I may give it a try soon! 😉


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