Emilia Style!


Hi friends,

I’ve been doing some sewing for my little Emilia. Making garments for babies is so much fun! They come together pretty easy and fast and I get lots of inspiration to create using garments that I no longer want or wear, so I get to recycle some fabric! Yeeeiii!!


For these makes, I used the rolled hem romper pattern by brindle & twig. I learned about this company through Zoe’s blog inspired by her beautiful creations for her little darling Dolores. Seriously, if you are into maternity and baby making, you should check her blog out!


I made three different versions of the same pattern and I’m pretty happy with them. Here they are:


The pattern instructions were super clear and I learned to put on snaps! I have to say, I much prefer using plastic to metallic snaps. They are much, much easier to set in the fabric and have so far lasted longer.

I’m really happy with the fit and the look of all versions. I also love the chance to take lots of pictures of little Emi wearing things I’ve made for her. I only wish she grew a tad slower and she would be able to wear them more than a couple of times.

Do you like sewing for your kids? Do you have any favourite kid pattern companies?

Have a great weekend!


M & E


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  1. garnet49 says:

    OMG! Your baby is super cute. Thanks for sharing her with us. You did a great job on her outfits, too!

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  2. Valerie says:

    She is super cute! And I love the little outfits you’ve made for her – how adorable! It’s great that you’re using fabric from other clothes, too! I recently made some pantyliners from pajama pants. 🙂 https://livinglighterinatlanta.wordpress.com/2016/07/06/sewing-for-mama-cloth-pantyliners/ I love sewing but I have a LOT to learn still. How did you learn to sew?

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    1. Hi Valérie! I checked out your blog and I loved it. Thanks for sharing! I learned to sew because I was looking for a new technique to learn. I’ve found it so useful that I stayed !


  3. Anna says:

    An adorable baby and adorable rompers! I’ve had a lot of fun knitting and sewing for my nephews and for my friends’ kids. It can be kind of difficult to find bright, fun clothing for babies, and the parents I’ve made things for seem to really appreciate getting some more unique clothing for their kids.

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    1. Hey Anna, I found simplify fabric. They are quite expensive compared to what I’m used to paying, but with babies clothes a little bit goes a long way!

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  4. karen says:

    I don’t sew for babies, but princess dresses are definitely a requirement in our family. I haunt the thrift stores to find suitable princess fabric to make them. The only thing is, they outgrow the dress before they have outgrown the interest in princesses, so be prepared. Your turn will come! If you are lucky, Emi will be obsessed with animals and not princesses. Or she may be like my great niece and obsessed with both. lol

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    1. Hahaha!! I guess so! Princesses or trucks or astronauts I’ll surely give it a try! 😉


  5. fabricfan says:

    she is so cute and looks adorable in her neww outfits.

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  6. accordion3 says:

    Emelia is a delight! I’ve always had good outcomes with Butterick & Simplicity patterns. I’m told the Oliver & S patterns are good too, my kids had outgrown their size range by the time Oliver & S started. There are a lot of other indie designers around for kids stuff, but as for adult patterns I keep returning to the well tested drafting of the Big 4.

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  7. So cute. I can’t wait to be a grandmother so I can sew some kids clothes. Gorgeous baby !

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    1. Hey Mandy, thanks! Will you be a grandma soon?


  8. Sara A. says:

    I let big 4 ease work for me when I sew for T. I made her two dresses when she was 2 in size 3 that she is still wearing! I’d intentionally made them one size up, but she is now in 5T and still wearing them. My big thing is to check the lengths, some patterns seem to be drafted big and long and some are short and squat. I made an empire waist dress with ruffles instead of sleeves for my daughter this summer and it’s a smock or a tunic. She had approximately 2 wears of it as a mini dress, hit a growth spurt and will wear it again over long sleeve t-shirts and leggings this fall and winter.

    My favorite thing to make her are nightgowns. Generally they’re dead simple to make, super cute and get worn to death. My go-to patterns are the Sadie Grace Nightgown by Seamingly Smitten and Nighty Nights by Olive Ann Designs.

    She also loves the Sally Dress by Very Shannon, it’s drafted narrow though.

    Oliver + S just came out with a book on pattern customization that you might like. It comes with a basic dress called the “Building Block Dress” fully drafted from 6M-12 years and then directions for how to change it up. Have a look: https://oliverands.com/books/OLV-OS053BBD.html

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    1. Wow! Thanks for posting this Sara!


  9. I know all babies are cute but she really is cute! I like Ottobre, a range of different patterns for different ages in one magazine, great value for money. Their instructions are a little on the minimalist side, but I think someone with your experience would be fine.

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    1. Hi darling, I actually just signed up for Ottobre! Thanks for sharing ! 🙂 your makes for your kids inspire me so much!!

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      1. you’re so kind! Also, might be worth checking out Sofilantjes in a little while, their clothes have a huge range of sizes, from about 12 months I think, which you will appreciate as she continues to shoot up. They’ve just released a free baby legging pattern….

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  10. Such a cute little bub! and the blog is looking great as well

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