Yellowlicious nursing bra!!

Hi my darlings,

Today I bring you my YELLOWLICIOUS bra, the last nursing bra I was able to make while pregnant.


My main intention with this bra was to modify the band to improve the fit and to see how those modifications affected the wearing comfort. There were also a couple of modifications to the cups that I made following your suggestions.

To make this bra, I used a green and black bra kit I purchased along with the pink and black bra kit from Erin’s Etsy shop.

Band alterations:

  1. Thinned the band to have the elastics and the casing provide the support to the cup and to avoid having the bottom of the cups turning towards the breast
  2. Drafted a Gothic Arch for the center of the band so it would allow for that extra space that my growing belly needed
  3. Added a back strap extension to avoid having the straps fall down towards the shoulders
  4. Doubled the back band fabric (powernet) to have the band provide more support at the back
  5. Augmented the back band width at the closure so I could use a 4 by 3 hook and eye closure.

Additional cup alterations:

  1. Reduced the height of the cup strap that goes to the clip to allow the clip to be closed more easily
  2. Used two layers of knit fabric with some mechanical give for the upper cup, to allow for breast volume changes due to engorgement when the milk comes
  3. Used one layer of cotton muslin and one layer of knit fabric for the lower cup to provide some support to the cups


The results:


Likeable & Dislikeable features:

At this point there is not much to not like about this bra.

I love the color, the fit and the body of the fabric. Every modification provides a little bit of extra wearing comfort.

The thinner band + the Gothic Arch provide the much-needed extra space for my expanding belly and really help to get the bottom band to stay in place.

After doubling the powernet in the back band, adding the back strap extension and the additional hook and eye at the closure, I now know the taste of bliss. The extra effort is well worth it for the pay off in support.

As for the cups, the combination of fabrics provides good structure at  the lower cup and some mechanical give at the upper cup. I’m currently testing the bras I’ve made for nursing little Emilia, I’m planning to write up a round up post on the particularities of each of the different bras I’ve made.

Here is how this bra looks like while wearing clothes and how it compares against my latest nursing bra version.


What do you think? Have you tried any bra band modifications? Have you combined fabrics in the lower and upper cup for support? Do you have any additional advice or recommendations?

That’s all for today folks! I’ll see you soon with more sewing updates!




5 Comments Add yours

  1. froebelina says:

    You really are a bra making pro! Thanks for all those tips and fot showing this bra, it looks great, what a color!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tamara says:

    Wow! they’re bright aren’t they?! I like the shape of these ones. I am looking forward to reading your thoughts in the nursing bra round up. And congratulations on the birth of your little daughter! You will certainly be needing the bra making skills in years to come (which reminds me, I better hurry up and learn because of have two girls!:))

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Tamara, bra making skills are certainly very useful! 🙂


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