The Safari Blouse

Hi my dears,

Today I bring you a blouse which I copied from RTW with the idea to improve the fit. I really liked the design but the waistband was moving up and onto my bust, a common problem I often find in many RTW garments, since they are drafted for cup sizes B and C. I was captivated by the thought of making it different beautiful fabrics. I was never a fan of the fabric in which this was made… at least I didn’t think so…  but from the look of the armpits, it seems I used it a lot more than I actually remember…

The process I followed to duplicate this blouse was very similar to the process I followed to copy my RTW jeans.

The RTW blouse.

Here is the result after a 2 inches total FBA and changing the gathers into darts.

Well, I have to say I’m not really sure I like it…I have to confess I did forget to true the seam between the bust and the waistband… I think due to this mistake there seems to be some tightness along this seam. The rest of the garment feels good. I actually like it better open better than closed.

Lesson learned: make sure to true all seams after copying and modifying a pattern. 

It could also be an issue with the fabric color…Perhaps I will like it better with a more colorful fabric… Maybe if I dye it I would like it better…

Wearing it makes me feel like I am in a Safari. Especially with my cockatiel “Aki” photobombing the pictures. I feel like we could take care of these guys all day…

We took these pictures at different zoos in our trip to Australia last year.

How do you like this blouse? Have you ever disliked something about a garment you make? Do you still try to wear it from time to time?

❤ M

PS I’m off to an aerial adventure! Have a nice weekend! 🙂


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  1. Fröbelina says:

    I like your blouse! I think I’ve never seen that color on you before, maybe that’s why you don’t fell a 100 % comfortable in it? I do like it! The color and the blouse, great job and great budgie! 🙂 Have a nice vacation! 🙂

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    1. Thank you my darling! We’re back home now! It was nice to go out for the weekend! I will give another try to the pattern. I may end up liking it. 🙂 Have a nice week!!


  2. I like it styled partly unzipped with your top showing underneath. It’s definitely a little quieter fabric choise than a lot of your makes, but a few plain things are always good to have in the mix to pair with something wilder!

    Have you considered appliqueing/painting/stencilling a bold design on it? On the bottom portion (i.e. not your bust), maybe just on one side?


  3. Just realised, I think I thought of that because the fabric reminds me of what I used to make some trousers for my son. The photo’s are rubbish in this post (I think the weather was too bad for outside and he insisted on being on the stairs!) but you get what I mean. Maybe a design/colour that picks up the contrast fabric you’ve used.


    1. Hi my dear,
      Thanks for your suggestion! Applique is a really good idea. I had considered dyeing it as an alternative, we’ll see…
      I quite liked those steampunk pants you made for your son! 😉

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