Ease-in to Motherhood: Week 3 summary

Hello lovely people,

This week has come to an end and with it comes the weekly roundup for the #easeintomotherhood event.

It has been truely amazing to see so many people participate and share their stories in an entertaining, honest and beautiful way.

Thank you so much to all of you who have participated. If you want to participate, you still have time to share your story. The event will go on until the 31st of July, when a general roundup will be posted. If you write up a post, just let us know via a comment on either Erin’s, Jodi’s or my blog, or send us an e-mail to: easeintomotherhood@gmail.com

As Jodi wisely disclosed: I wish my summaries did justice to these posts. You must click over and read them! You’re in for a treat! ❤

To begin the week, Lisa talked about how becoming a mother, she found a part of herself she didn’t know she was missing: SELF CONFIDENCE.



I discussed how we all struggle when we are learning to become mothers/parents and how we should be kind to ourselves and embrace the imperfection and the uncertainty of motherhood.

Emi first 5 days11


Zoe wrote about the serendipitious nature of motherhood and how we often plan in advance for one thing, but end up doing something completely different that is better suited to our circumstances. Her life as a stay home mom and how she finds time to sew to release all of her creative steam.



Heidi shared how becoming a mom felt like THE life realization and how she struggled with feeling incomplete until she found that “making” things made her feel like a more complete version of herself.


Maider wrote (in Catalan, English and Castilian) her beautiful story about how she finds time to sew and for herself beyond the chaos of every day, and how if we dedicate time maintain our hobbies, we can be happier and better parents to our children.


Becky discussed some of the ups and downs in her journey and how she managest to make time for herself and do some things while baby wearing. As a mom of a new baby and a toddler, she is seriously rethinking her style and knows that more time to sew will come again, and she needs to take advantage of these moments while my boys are little.

Becky's Picture1.jpg


To add some diversity to the mix and to acknowledge the mothers for whom the blessing of a child comes in to their life in the form of a fully fully formed, living, breathing, running and vaccinated little person, my friend Carmen shared her very touching and beautiful story of motherhood and love.


To end the week, Dalia wrote a fantastic and entertaining post which I’m sure many uf us will relate to. She categorized and named the different phases that motherhood has so far shown her and how it is important to let go of expectations. In her post you’ll find everything from the pregnancy and “the twilight zone”phase to  “the now”.


Documenting my sewing, also pretty complicated with the cutie in tow.


What a week you guys!! Thanks to all of you who participated and shared your honest experiences. Certainly, becoming a mother is the adventure of a lifetime!

And, while there is no thing that can prepare you for what is to come and while the daily walk of motherhood is not easy and rather exhausting, it usually becomes manageable with time. More good things than you can imagine will come to your life.

Remember, everything is just a phase, so breath and pull through. Ask for help when you need it and create the time for yourself, daydream of what you will do in those few minutes you have to sew or dedicate to your “THING” and which projects you would like to tacle next. Because this is what keeps us all sane in this journey.

Sewing has been the gift that keeps on giving during hard times and good.


I send you all my sincere love and I encourage all those people who read and want to participate, to do it! There is istill time, the event will go on until the 31st of July.





4 Comments Add yours

  1. Alma Ayon says:

    Montse me encanta que estés compartiendo tu aprendizaje como mamá a otras madres.

    Me encanta tu blog. Sigue inspirandolas!!


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Güde says:

    Hi, my children are 12 and 15 already – and I still can relate to all these stories very well! When they were small, I had not discovered sewing yet, and I doubt that I would have had the energy… I like your blog very much, your thoughts on body-image and motherhood are profoundly intelligent and entertaining to read at the same time. Thank you! I would have loved to read articles like these in my early motherhood.
    Best wishes from Germany!
    Güde, psychiatrist, mother and seamstress 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your very kind words Güde!


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