Friendships: Baby culottes #easeintomotherhood


July is already here! As part of the “Ease-in Motherhood” event, hosted this week by SeamstressErin, today I’ve decided to share a snip of my story as well as a couple of pretty baby culottes I made for Emila and her friend (evident they both had just woken up).

Culottes pic 0


Life after baby: friendships

Becoming a mother has changed my relationship with my friends. When my daughter was born, I started to feel stressed around my closest friends. On one hand, I felt bad about not being able to give them the time and attention I used to before becoming a mother, and on the other hand I felt bad about moving my attention away from my little baby. Those first months, I remember feeling like my first and most important priority as a mother was to be attentive to what my little one needed at every instant so I could provide it.

Life was quite stressful those days. I felt like I loved my baby, but I felt disconnected from her, I felt happy and I felt sad, I felt exhausted.  I regret behaving in a way such that I pushed some of my best friends away. That was the best I knew in my situation. They had no idea what I was going through. Some of them decided to stay around until the most cathartic part passed and offered me their friendship again. I am so thankful for the ones that decided to stay. ❤

Fortunately, during that time one of my best friends of 15 years was also having a baby. Motherhood drew us closer and I found again someone whom I could talk to about what I was going through. Thank you so much for being there, you made my life easier with your presence. I am a better mom because I have you as my close friend again. I’m so happy that our baby girls are growing together.


Motherhood changed my friendships, suddenly I felt best when I surrounded myself with people who could empathize.


This make is in gratitude for having my old friend of 15 years as my companion through this stage in life. It symbolizes friendship. I am grateful that we got the chance to live through this together.

This pair of baby culottes is based on the “Pretty Bottom” pattern from the Ottobre magazine Summer 3/2017.

Modifications & notes:

I left out the tie strings and reduced the skirt panel to 6″ (seams included).

If you are more of a visual learner and succinct pattern instructions don’t do it for you, I found this Youtube video by Vintage to New which details the construction of a very similar garment.


I’m in love with this pattern! ❤ It warms up my heart to see her/them wearing their culottes.


Life is crazy and beautiful again today with this little lovable rogue. This is a picture of her 1st anniversary. She loved her carrot cake (and so did I)! ❤


Have a great weekend!




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