Store industrial thread cones efficiently!

Hi my dears,

Many of us who sew have in our stack several cones of thread. Some machines require several spools of thread of the same or similar colors in order to make uniform seams, some of us prefer to buy big spools of thread in the colors that we use most often so we can save some money. Sometimes we find nowhere to store the thread cones we have because they are too bulky to have them inside jars or boxes!

Up until last year I stored my small collection of thread cones on a “Cone Thread Rack” that I purchased from Amazon. It seemed to be the only product available to specifically store cones of thread in a vertical arrangement.

What a shock when it came in the mail and I realized it was terribly designed; the pegs were not spaced widely enough to store thread cones!! Without more options available, I decided to keep it.


See the problem? I had to store my threads in opposite directions in order to fit the few ones I had. It’s bananas that a commercially available rack specifically meant to store cones of thread is too small for them because the pegs are not spaced out enough!! I mean, I would not even have been able to use all of the pegs in the rack if I had that many threads!!

This year I inherited more thread cones from my aunt. All of a sudden my cone storage problem quadrupled!! I had to find a solution!

We were switching the location of Emilia’s bedroom with our study room and it was the perfect situation to get me thinking about how to solve this problem.

A couple of years ago, if not more, Heather gave me a package of pattern hooks (which you can get online).

Image result for pattern hooks

So I thought I could use these to store my thread cones more efficiently!

I inserted the hook through the spool and there it was! My optimal solution to storing my thread cones vertically! After this, all I needed to do was to assemble a pair of broom sticks using a plastic pipe connection which are items easily found in a hardware store. This is a simple and economic solution!

This is how my thread collection looks now:



I love it!! They are super accessible and make a pretty display! ❤


Do you own any thread cones? Do you have them hidden in a box? Do you have limited storage space?


I hope you will find this post useful!





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  1. fabricfan says:

    Great idea!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Chloe says:

    Ingenious! Yes, mine are in a box. But the box is now overflowing…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. JustGail says:

    I have only a few colors for my serger. The cones are in a plastic storage drawer, but yes, I’m out of room in that. Maybe lack of storage for more cones is part of why I don’t get too wound up about matching looper color to fabric?

    You found a great solution! It seems like you could replace the cords with longer ones, and then keep each color on the same hanger. That is if you don’t mind them hanging farther down in front of your pin board wall.


    1. Ohhhh!!! What a great idea!! I’m thinking of actually writing a post about all the great ideas that you guys have had!! Thanks for your comment Gail! 🙂


  4. froebelina says:

    Well, that is very clever! And it looks so decorative, thank you for sharing, I bet I will come back to this idea some time!

    Liked by 1 person

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