Starry night blue Turner Exchange

Hi friends,

I was thrilled to wear my last Turner, so obviously I had to make myself another one. I  chose a beautiful sparkly blue crepe that I had laying in my stash of precious fabrics.

Sadly, however, even though the fabric was stretchy, it didn’t have enough stretch to make a comfortable fit on my body (*whispering* because it was not a knit!). I blame my post-pregnancy brain for seducing me to do it…

Anyhow, I sent it to Brandi, another sewing nursing mamma who liked it in exchange for some sewing goodies which might be on their way soon!!

This is how it looks on her with her handmade belt!

How lovely is she?! Thanks for letting me post your pictures here Brandi! I’m happy that this dress made it all its way to you! ❤

My wadrobe was still in need of a blue Turner, so I made myself another one with a blue knit from my stash. No sparkles this time though!

Here it is:

But it’s still as lovely. Pretty, yeah?!

What are your thoughts?! I’ve been working on some other mommy hacks and I was just wondering if that would be something you would be interested in reading about. I might blog about those sometime.

Thanks for reading my loves!

Enjoy the weekend!!



7 Comments Add yours

  1. Accordion3 says:

    Blue is my all time favourite colour – this is a most excellent blue and a gorgeous dress.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. karen says:

    So sorry it doesn’t fit right, but Brandi will get some good use out of it. It is a beautiful dress,


    1. Yes, doesn’t matter! I have my own blue dress and I love it! ❤



  3. froebelina says:

    You’re looking great and so does Brandi! Both are gorgeous dresses and I would like to read about the hacks! Might come in handy some day 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeeeeiiiii!! I will write some posts about the hacks then. I get excited every time you mention it might come handy one day… 😊 I hope life is going well.


  4. reikidolls says:

    Hi Monserratt. I just bought this pattern. I’m happy that you blogged about it, it is good to see how it looks on a real person. Now I have to buy fabric…Terri Swift

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Terry! Good to hear! 😊 I quite liked this pattern and the instructions and sewalong are pretty well written. How is your bramaking quest going??


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