Sallie 2.0

Hi dears,


In this post I will show you how I further modified the pattern of my Sallie to get it to fit me better. The modifications  outlined below allowed for more coverage and comfort while wearing it. I would certainly recommend them.

After wearing my first Sallie version, I decided I had to further modify the bodice if I wanted to wear it.  Amongst the issues discussed in my last post, two of them were most pressing to address:

  1. Extend the waistline down by 2″ at the front and back bodice to avoid the need for braids.
  2. Lower the armhole seam by 2″ to let my arms pass through the armholes.
  3. Allow for more space at the neckline to allow the jumpsuit to be pulled up and down past my hips. For this modification, I traced the full bodice as if I was going to cut it on a single layer of fabric, and cut a diagonal that went from the left shoulder seam all the way to the right side seam waistline.


The figure highlighted in red then became my pattern for the back of the bodice. This back bodice piece was cut 2X in the main fabric and 2X in the lining fabric.

This is the result:

I like it much more now. With the new modifications, this is now a pleasure to wear. I ❤ this jumpsuit and the comfort it provides. It was really worth it to take the time to improve the fit.

How do you like this new version? Will you be making Sallie for yourself?

❤ M


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  1. I live it Mon! I was thinking of how to eliminate the back ties and you did all that work for me lol. The floral fabric is divine.


    1. Yeeeiiii!!! Thanks Abbey!
      I would love to see yours if you make it!! 😉



  2. much better fit and cleaner line without the ties, well done

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    1. Thanks my darling! 😉

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  3. froebelina says:

    And it looks gorgeous on you! I’m glad you nailed the fit and feel great in your new Sallie! Maybe I’ll make one for myself next summer! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha! It’s funny how we want to make everything we see!! I think this pattern would look great on you! 😉


  4. love your sally, looks fab on you!!!!

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  5. sorry meant sallie 🙂


  6. megret1979 says:


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    1. Thanks Megret,
      It was a fun challenge! I love to wear that fabric combination. 😉


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