Eucalypteae top and dress

Hello my darlings,

Today I bring you a lovely tank top and dress I created using the Eucalypt pattern by Megan Nielsen in jersey. Eucalypt of course is Aussie just as Megan is. This dress is perfect for the beach and the hot summer days I very much love and enjoy. Believe me, after living through winter in Montreal, I will never ever complain about the heat of summer.

This pattern is perfect to showcase the fabrics I used, it is originally designed for lightweight wovens but works wonderfully for cotton jersey and other fabrics with expandex.

The inspiration for these came from a couple of posts by Stephanie and Megan Nielsen herself.

That’s right! Rules are meant to be broken right?

Aren’t they lovely?! Don’t you just love the drape of jersey?

The construction:

I decided to draft the pattern for the dress in a size XXL and did a 1.5″ FBA at the bust for a total of 3″, reduced at the waist and graded 4″ at the waist and hips according to my measurements. Picture1

The armholes and the neck are staystitched and finished up with common bias binding (50% polyester: 50% cotton).

After trying on the first dress muslin (red), I decided to take in at the waist 4″ and reduce the length by 4″ so it worked as a longer top instead of a dress (it would have been too short for a dress). For the dress version I added 7″ in length to the original dress length so I would feel comfortable wearing it.

Here you have them:

The top

The dress

They are both superb! I can’t stop wearing them, especially when they come out of washing with that lovely fresh scent and the softness that only pods can give! ❤

I adore the simplicity of the design and I love the breathability of the fabric.

Megan actually wrote a tutorial on how to convert this pattern into a maxi dress! Wouldn’t that be delightful?? There are so many other of her makes that I love! You should definitely check out her blog if you are looking for inspiration.

How do you like it? Do you have favourite garments you wear in warm days? Do you enjoy warm weather??

That’s it for today folks! Have a fabulous weekend!

❤ M


8 Comments Add yours

  1. helen says:

    They both look super awesome!! I love the fabrics you chose 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Helen!
      They are such a pleasure to wear! 😉


  2. STH says:

    Those look so cute and comfortable! I wish I had your patience with making alterations to sewing patterns; I tend to get pretty whiny about it. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi STH,
      They actually feel like a dream. I totally recommend to make one of this if you are not sure what to do with your jersey.
      You will likely wear them lots. Try the pattern as it is, cut the dress if you expect to make a top and you could choose the length you like that way. 😉


      Liked by 1 person

  3. Fröbelina says:

    I for my part LOVE complaining about the weather 😀 haha! It is too cold in winter and way to hot in summer 🙂 I mean, what else is there to complain about? And complaining is always a little fun 😉 I have nothing to complain about your new garments tho 😉 They look gorgeous and I just love your fabric choices!


    1. It is surely is a thing we all like complain of from time to time! 😉
      One can also complain on how extreme the weather is. For instance, in Montreal the T varies from 40 C during summer all the way down to -40 C during winter! Isn’t that stunning?!
      It’s interesting how important knowing about the weather during the day or within the next week can affect some of your life plans. It is interesting to really feel that such different clothes are required if you want to feel comfortable during different seasons and even within a day!
      In Mexico it wasn’t really like that, we would always wear clothes appropriate for mild warm weather and from time to time a sweater or an umbrella. The story is so different here!


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