Lace-Collage: BravoBella Bra

Hi dears,

Long-time no see!

Between moving to a new place, family visits and vacation it has been quite busy around here. Luckily I have managed to squeeze a post on my most recent make: a lace collage bra using the Bravo Bra #2 by BravoBellaBras as my pattern. Back in June, L commented that BravoBellaBras came in large sizes and I jumped into the adventure!

Today’s version was made using a black bra kit from  Bra makers supplies, I decided couple each pattern piece with lace insets in different purple tones.

I calculated my bra size following the instructions in  BravoBella’s website.


After measuring myself, I decided to cut a 44F.


This is my first take on this pattern, so I decided to keep the modifications to a minimum. Because I consider wide bra straps with stable fabric more supportive, I chose to keep the bra straps from the Classic Full Band Bra from Bra-makers Supplies. To do this, I extended the neckline to connect with the strap.

Here the results:

I have worn it a few times now and here are my thoughts:


– The neckline, I think it turned out pretty well and is one of the features I love about it.


-The pattern seems drafted by hand… Which I am not quite used to… It was a bit strange…

– There are not quite enough notches to sew the pattern symetrically so I ended up undoing the cups more than once.

– The cup size runs a bit small since there is a gap between my breastbone and the bra

– It lacks support. I feel like my breasts sag a bit by the end of the day.

– My apex to apex distance is wider wearing this bra as compared to the the Classic Full Band Bra. 

– The bust is not covered at the armhole. I would like to see more coverage in this region.

Although I wasn’t quite happy with the result, I really liked playing with the lace. I also found I prefer diagonal over horizontal cup seams. I may modify the pattern and make it again.

What do you think about it? I have tried this pattern before? Have you found any other bra patterns drafted for larger sizes with a wide cup size range?

That’s it for today lads!


I found that t BravoBella carries bra-making kits in multiple fun colors check it out! I may purchase one of their bra-making kits soon to test how I like their materials.

Picture4Have you tried their kits before? How do you like their materials?

❤ M


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  1. Ginny says:

    Love your lace combo! You have such a knack for juicy-delicious color combos :D! Have you tried the Pin-Up Girls Shelley Bra pattern from Bra Maker’s Supply? It’s my favorite and gives me lots of bounce-free support for my G cup size, and it comes in oodles of sizes.

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    1. Hi Ginny,
      Than! 🙂
      I will try the shelly, seems like a lot of people like it! 😉 thanks for the recommendation!


  2. carlalissa says:

    Please allow me to admire your bras!!! There are full of inspiration and dedication. I just found your blog and you are responsible (a good thing) of me wanting to do bras. I am getting the courage i need it. Thank you and please keep it up!!!

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    1. Clarissa, you are so sweet. Thanks for commenting. Readers like you encourage me to continue and do my best. All the best with your new endavours.
      ❤ M

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  3. Fröbelina says:

    Doesn’t sound like a great pattern but the result looks lovely! Again I love the colors you chose! 🙂

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    1. 🙂 thanks my darling!


  4. C. Steve says:

    love it, love it, love it! looks gorgeous on you! a shame to cover it with clothes…or do you walk around in just the bra, admiring it in every mirror? ps…i have a BravoBella kit on order…i’ll let you know how i like the materials.

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    1. Hahaha, I would love to be able to walk around on undies. That’s unfortunately not the case, but I hope that does come in fashion in the future! At least for tops! 😉

      Awesome! I would definitely appreciate to read your comments about the materials from BravoBella. Have you ordered any from BraMakingSupplies before??

      Thanks! 🙂


      1. C. Steve says:

        Well, I received the BravoBella kit….not terribly impressed. But, I have only ordered from BraMakingSupplies in the past and their quality is top notch. so, in comparison, BravoBella was disappointing, but, considering the price…guess you get what you pay for. All I can say is that i’m thinking the fabrics in the BraMakingSupplies kit (or their american store will last longer. The one difference is the cup fabric itself. According to Barbara Johnson (BraMakingSupplies) tricot doesn’t have enough stability (unless it’s lined), especially for larger melons. Through experience, I agree (and my honeydews aren’t very large). I also highly recommend her bra making classes on Craftsy! worth every penny…money well spent.

        I must say though, I really like the BravoBella’s underwires. The shape is much better for my body. The quality seems to be the same as BMS. Also, the power net from BravoBella just isn’t as soft or stretchy as BMS. I don’t think it has nearly the amount of Lycra.

        I can’t speak to patterns….I have a ‘out of the ordinary’ bust shape and had to draft my own pattern….and fit and fit and fit until I thought I would go crazy. I was almost ready to go to Canada and meet up with Barbara Johnson! But, I think I have it (with help of her second class).


      2. Awesome C,
        Thanks for your thorough connemts. They are quite useful to me. Good to know about the differences in quality and the type of fabric. It is specially important for people like me who need quite a bit of support and structure in the cups to not use tricot and instead use Duoplex (from the BMS kits). I did see that demo in her second class and it was pretty rad!
        Those classes from Beverly surely are worth every penny and more! I am super happy with what I have learned and all the support I have recieved from Bev. She is fabulous!

        Thanks again!

        About the pattern drafting, how did you do it? Did you follow the instructions in a pattern book?



      3. C. Steve says:

        Glad to see you corrected me on Beverly’s name….I had a brain fart yesterday and called her Barbara.

        Anyway, the pattern drafting. I tried it from Beverly’s book, with limited success. But, I do have her Pin-up Girls pattern. I was able to use one of the cup sizes in that and modified it to work. (these were extensive mod’s). As for the band, I did draft that from her instructions, but, I then made a paper (heavy weight drawing paper) pattern, just the front, and taped it to my body to be able to mark further mods. My boobs are relatively small in volume but shallow, wide and far from symmetrical. And I have a very broad back. So, it makes for some interesting shaped pattern pieces…as well as impossible to buy RTW. (I have considered augmentation just so I could have balanced boobs and be able to buy bras….I’m kidding, no way I would do it, but it did cross my mind!)

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      4. HiC, glad to know you’ve figured it out the way things are! 😉


  5. opalspeacock says:

    I absolutely love the colors on this bra. Underwear should fun and you are rockin’ it. Well Done! I have been looking at BravoBella as well but have not ordered anything yet. The prices are rather good for elastic and wires but I did notice that the fabric is lighter weight than that of Bra Makers Supply (Sweet Cups) so I am interested to see what C Steve above thinks. I do agree there seem to be errors in this pattern in the cups and strap placement. The top pink part of the cup looks to small and possibly the purple side too narrow at the top. The straps are to the center of the nipple mark which pushes the tissue outward in turn making the sides too small. Normally you see the strap right at the nipple point or just to the outside to keep prevent migration. I look forward to seeing your modifications.


    1. Very interesting!!
      Thanks for your comment Opalspeacock, I will try moving the strap outwards and we’ll see how that changes the “migration” of the breasts! It definitely makes sense if we think that the tension will be applied along the outside of the breast as opposed to the center.


  6. L says:

    Your bra is beautiful indeed! You have a real talent with color. sorry you weren’t happy with the fit. for me it it was much better on all the areas you listed. Did you use the double layers with opposing DOGS?that is a crucial element of the pattern’s design. I do think you would need at least one cup size up.


    1. 🙂
      Hi L,

      Thanks for visiting! I really love to have your feedback!
      I’ve actually enjoyed sewing a different pattern and it is always good to know that there is diversity.
      I certainly didn’t use the double layers, but in turn, I pointed the DOGS towards the apex to direct the breast tissue (as recommended by Beverly).
      For my next version I re-positioned the nothces and augmented the cup size. I also figured I could use the BraMakersSupplies band instead of the one drafted for the Bravo.
      I’ll be posting the new version this week. 🙂



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