Caterpillar skirt the Mabel-Jade mish·mash

Hi my dears,

I made a skirt, result of a mish·mash of patterns, I call it the Caterpillar. The Caterpillar is a mish·mash of Mabel by Colette and Jade by Paprika Patterns. I needed to fill up the gap in my wardrobe with solid black and blue skirts.

To add an element of interest to my beloved Mabel pattern, the diagonals from Jade seemed appropriate and lovely.

I modified Jade’s front piece it to fit the size and shape of the center front pannel of Mabel (version 3).

Here is the result:

Yeeeiiiiiii!!! Makes me think of caterpillars and butterflies all day!!


I LOVE it!!! ❤

What do you think? Have you mixed different patterns to make something new?

❤ M


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  1. worthmorenow says:

    Nice skirt and cute bird. I have one of those (the bird). he’s a nudge……LOL

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    1. 🙂 Thanks Worthmorenow!


  2. How cool is that? I love the great detail you’ve got going on those skirts–such a pretty way to make a “boring basic” not boring at all!

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  3. I like your version so much more than the originals. It’s great!


    1. 🙂 Thanks Rosie!!


    2. Is it because of my modeling Rosie?? 😉 Hahaha!!


  4. Heather Lou says:

    THIS IS SO CUTE! I love this combination.

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    1. thank you my darling! 😉


  5. splendidcakes says:

    You are GOOD!

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  6. Fröbelina says:

    Haha, how cool is that budgie on your shoulder? 😀 I LOVE your photos! All of them,. they’re always fun! And that skirt is amazing! I didn’t now this Jade Skirt existed and I think I need it 🙂 Maybe I will sew your modified version, it really looks great! 🙂


    1. Ehhhhh!!!! That would be awesome!! To have twin skirts!! 😉 Lisa from Paprika patterns has a very cool tutorial on how to fold the fabric in case you find yourself in any troubles!!


  7. Deepika says:

    This is brilliant! What’s you Patternreview username Monseratt?


    1. Hi my darling,
      My PR name is Monchitas. I’m a member, but I don’t have any reviews. 😉

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