Couple hoodies!

Hi my dears,

This is a very exciting couple outfit post! We have a pair of hoodies!! This post involves one full garment construction (my hoodie) and one refashion (his).

The story:

I had been wanting to make a hoodie for myself for a while since my old one was a bit small for me.  One day, we were outside and it was getting cold. David had in his backpack a hoodie, gift from his sister from a trip to Germany. He let me borrow it and I was surprised by how comfortable and warm it was. I decided this was the hoodie I wanted to make.

The full garment construction:

My last pattern hack gave me the confidence to copy simple patterns from ready to wear, it is easy! The hoodie pattern was very simple. There were only three pieces to it; the hood, the sleeve and the bodice. The back and front of the sleeve were symmetric as well as the bodice front and back except for the neck line.

After adding seam allowances, I cut all of my pattern pieces in a deliciously soft and warm black cotton fleece I got from Globetex. To add personality, I also cut the bodice front and the hood in a double knit that is almost like a chevron houndstooth, which I purchased online from the fashion fabrics club.

The result:

Super comfy and delicious!!! I feel pretty pink and relaxed when I wear it!! I have worn it almost every day since I made it!!

The refashion:

David had mentioned that he didn’t quite like the letters ‘DEUTSCHLAND’ printed on the front of the hoodie, so I decided to do something about it since I it certainly felt a bit awkward wearing the hoodie as it was. Do you ever feel awkward wearing garments with names of countries?? (I ❤ NY)

I had a pretty similar chevron houndstooth  double knit in browns and grays from the purchase. I decided to use it to cover the front of his hoodie and get rid of the awkwardness.

The result:

He likes it better now and I feel happy when we wear it together!! ❤ ❤ ❤


More pictures?

I LOVE it!!

Do you like it? What do you think about couple outfits?? Have you ever copied a pattern from ready to wear? Do you do refashions to feel better in garments you own?


❤ M

PS. Here is the link to David’s blog where he talks about interesting stuff.


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  1. Fröbelina says:

    Haha, having Deutschland on one’s hoodie isn’t really high fashion 😀 Great that you could change it into a beautiful pullover. I really love yours too, the fabric is just beautiful and soo pink! 🙂 Really cute pictures of you two! 🙂


    1. Hahaha, I’m not even sure why the sell those shirts as souvenirs everywhere you go!! It’s kinda weird to wear them!

      It’s pretty awesome to have you visit!I found a pattern for my raincoat coat. I’ve got the fabric and I’m on for the plan if you wanna do it together! 🙂

      Wanna see the pattern?



  2. Seriously great hoodies. Hoping to get at least one garment for hubby out of the mounds of fleece backed sweathsirt fabric I just bought. And I was just wondering if I dare try and copy my favourite faded stained sweatshirt. The other option is to buy the Jasper pattern but as I have broken my printer it might need a new printer before I can make it :{


    1. You should definitely dare to copy the sweatshirt if its your favorite. It is really not complicated. This is one of the things I’ve tried that works best.

      I wish you all the best with your project!! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. thanks for the top tip.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. These came out great! That chevron knit is really sharp-looking–I’m really loving some of the bold abstract-print knits I’m seeing lately, and if they’re colorful, too, that’s even better. Enjoy your comfy hoodies!


    1. Thanks STH! 🙂 I think there is only one thing I love more than colorful abstract prints… COLORFUL FLORALS!!! I definitely need more of those in my wardrobe!! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  4. sweetalchemy says:

    Love these! The contrast prints are perfect. My partner just asked me yesterday when I’m going to sew something for him- maybe I’ll start by making him a fun hoodie like these. 🙂


    1. Yeeeeiii!!!
      These are so easy to make!!! I totally recommend it! 😉


  5. Heather Lou says:

    I LOVE THESE!! ANd you guys are the cutest,ever. Hopefully will see you Thursday – G’s dad is in town but I’m going to try and sneak away….


    1. Hihi!!
      Thanks my darling,
      I will love to see you Thursday. 😉
      Have a great week!


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