Ripping seams effectively!

A seam ripper is a key tool to have around when you sew. It facilitates opening the seams of the garment to enable rebuilding them.

Parts of the seam ripper.



The most common way to use the seam ripper seems to be using the tip of the shaft to pull out every stitch.

The most common, but not the most effective way to rip seams.


Although there are many ways in which you may use it, I discovered that the fastest and safest way to rip a seam is to use the ball point in the side of the fabric you can’t see while keeping the tip out and visible. Using the ball point inside better protects the seam you are ripping by avoiding poking into the fabric. Ripping seams this way is easiest when the right side of the fabric is facing you.

The most effective and safe way to rip seams!


Using this method, I rip my seams in no time. Give it a try!


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