Sewing Confidence

Hi there!

I’m a scientist in love with sewing and wrapping myself in warm fabric after drying. I learned to sew mainly by myself, three years ago (late 2011) now, and I never looked back.

Learning how to fit the patterns designed for standard shapes to your own body is essential to get that boost of confidence. CSC is a great platform to learn how to do this, but back in the day, I learnt to fit my body through multiple books and using the “Plus-Size Pattern Fitting and Design” course with Barbara Deckert in the Craftsy platform.

Sewing my own clothes and knowing how to best fit them to my figure has helped me accept my body and feel happy with myself. It made me realize I’m pretty too!


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  1. Myriam says:

    I am so excited that you are starting your blog! I look forward to seeing more details about all your beautiful creations. You already have a fan 🙂 Much love!


  2. I just discovered your blog from a link out at this week’s Closet Case Files wrap-up, and I’m so glad. You are, indeed, very pretty – but more than that, you just look so dang happy and comfortable and natural. And I LOVE your clothes! So glad to find a new blog to explore.

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    1. Thanks GLC, Welcome to the blog! 🙂
      Have fun!

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